Forestry Club tree sale supports student participation in timber sports event

The University of Missouri Forestry Club hosted its annual Christmas tree sale on Dec. 2-3 at Memorial Stadium. The sale started off with 92 trees, but by Sunday afternoon only 20 trees remained. Trees sold include local Scots Pine, Douglas and Fraser Fir, and wreaths.

Josh Groves, MU Forestry Club president said the purpose of this event is, “to provide local trees to sell to customers here in Columbia and the surrounding towns. We primarily raise funds to participate in the Timber Sports Competition in the spring.”

The Timber Sports Competition is an event where individuals compete in different disciplines such as hot saw, single buck, standing block chop and stock saw. The MU Forestry Club will use the funds from the tree sales to participate in the collegiate event at the competition this spring.

Last year, the club sold 59 trees. This year the club bought 92 trees to sell and was only left with three trees after the event.  These were donated to the Salvation Army House in Columbia. With their continued success, the club plans to either buy the same or more trees next year for the sale.

Catlin Bender, MU Forestry Club secretary, believes the turnout for the event was bigger than last year, which she attributes to more advertisement.

“This year we did a Twitter page,” Bender said. “We also have a Facebook page called Mizzou Christmas Trees.”

Students are able to buy trees from the event, but most customers are from the community or are faculty or retired faculty from Mizzou.

Customers were able to pick out their trees and have the stump cut to their requested size by one of the club members. If they were unable to transport the tree home it could be delivered for a $10 fee.

KateLynn Ketsenburg

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