CP editorial: Campus involvement increases student satisfaction

As a graduating senior, it is a perfect time to reflect on my experiences within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and how being involved on campus has allowed me to grow as an individual.

According to the CAFNR website, students can choose among 50 clubs and organizations, 15 degree programs, and 14 countries in which to study abroad. This variety makes it easy for students to find their connection with the college.

During my time at MU, I have participated in CAFNR student clubs and organizations, such as: CAFNR Ambassadors, CAFNR Week Steering Committee, CAFNR Student Council and the Dickinson Scholars Program. Being involved in each of these student organizations allowed me to enhance my college experience in a variety of ways. By donating my time and attending meetings, I could network with alumni, faculty and staff, talk with current and potential students and so much more.

After transferring to MU the fall semester of 2014, the first CAFNR program that I was able to take full advantage of was the Dickinson Scholars Program. I participated in this program in 2015 and it allowed me to connect with fellow students, alumni and potential employers. This experience provided me with a better understanding of potential career paths and how my academic career would help me reach those goals.

According to Michigan State University, involved students report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experiences. I found this to be true following my involvement in the Dickinson’s program. I realized that my active campus involvement would help shape my college experience into what I truly wanted it to be.

As a student ambassador for CAFNR, I visit with prospective students and their families about my experiences within the college and encourage them to join the CAFNR family. The entire team of CAFNR Ambassadors works to promote the college’s scholarship, extracurricular activities, organizations and, above all friendship, according to the college’s website.

While the ambassador team focuses on student recruitment for CAFNR, the CAFNR Student Council promotes student involvement from within the college. In this organization, I work with a team of students to encourage more involvement among the student body. Working with both current and prospective students of the college has provided me a greater appreciation of my CAFNR experience.

The same Michigan State University study states that student involvement encourages and advances your development on all levels: intellectual, cultural, spiritual and social.

An active student on campus is one who learns the important balance between maintaining good academic and social standings. Being involved on campus inspired me to work harder in classes and allowed me the opportunity to make lifelong friends.

As a graduating senior, I encourage incoming freshman to step out of their comfort zones, be involved in campus activities, meet new people, and make the most of their college experiences. CAFNR works to help students find their connections, and without campus involvement, I would have never been able to achieve the goals that I set the day I became a student at MU.

Maggie Glidewell

About the Author Maggie Glidewell

I got my first glimpse of agriculture looking through the ears of my American Quarter Horse. I quickly learned there is much more to this industry than crops and cows. My name is Maggie Glidewell, no it’s not short for Margaret, and I am currently a senior majoring in agricultural education and leadership with emphasis areas in marketing and journalism. I hope to take the skills that I have learned at Mizzou and pursue a career in informal education and youth development, working to build up and shape the minds of the future of our industry.