MU Dairy Club brings calves to campus

On any given day a University of Missouri student walking through Speakers Circle can see a variety of sights. The rim of the circle is usually lined with booths of campus organizations, individuals giving speeches about various topics, and students hanging out in-between classes. On Thursday, March 9, Speakers Circle was home to an unusual sight for many students, the MU Dairy Club hosted their Calves on Campus event which including bringing two live dairy calves to Speakers Circle for the day.

“Calves on Campus is an event that we planned as a fundraiser and to raise awareness about MU Dairy Club,” said Holly Thibodeaux, member of the MU Dairy Club. “We wanted to think of a unique way to get students aware of our club and we thought that bringing calves would be a great way to get people to stop and check us out.”

 Calves on Campus brought two, 2 month old, dairy calves to campus for students to pet and interact with as well as a sale of cookies, milk, and Buck’s Tiger Stripe Ice Cream. The profits from the fundraiser went to the MU Dairy Club to help pay for club actives and trip expenses. The calves, a Holstein and a Jersey Holstein, were from the MU Foremost Dairy Research Center.

“Calves on Campus is a new event for Dairy Club,” Thibodeaux said. “We hope to keep it going on campus. We have had a good amount of people talking about the event and we can’t wait to do more events in the future.”

 The MU Dairy Club was established in the fall of 2010. The organization is made up of MU students with interest in the dairy industry. The club’s goal is to give members hands-on experience in the dairy industry and help gain understanding of the industry. Members participate in a variety of events throughout the year including a trip to the World Dairy Expo, farm tour trips throughout the state, assisting in FFA dairy cattle judging contests, an utter dissection, and hosting Farm Camp for elementary school students.

“When I first came to college I was interested in horses, but I now have a passion for dairy cattle because of my involvement in Dairy Club,” said Haley Linder, MU Dairy Club member. “I am a senior and after getting my degree in animal sciences, I plan to go on to grad school for dairy cattle nutrition. So for me being a member of Diary Club has been a great way to get hands on experience and knowledge.”

The MU Dairy Club meets the first and third Thursday of each month at 7pm. More information on The MU Dairy Club can be found at    

Olivia Hoelting

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