New faces in CAFNR academic programs office

New faces fill the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) academic programs office, as the staffing of three important roles changed over the summer months.

Bryan Garton, associate dean and director of CAFNR Academic Programs, said hiring three new people for the office kept him busy.

“My summer was consumed with ensuring we hired quality people for these positions because they are very important to the education and career success of our students,” Garton said.

Matt Arri is the new coordinator of CAFNR Career Services and replaced Stephanie Chipman. Arri manages CAFNR Career Services. His duties include overseeing the budget, student and staff workers, events and anything managed by CAFNR Career Services. Arri wanted to work with CAFNR Career Services because of the college’s reputation.

“One thing they [University of Missouri employees] mentioned is CAFNR is a caring college,” Arri said. “It matches my personal philosophy, so it seemed like a good fit.”

Arri wanted the opportunity to work with another group of students and make a positive difference by helping them get a job. He has set goals with employer involvement at the CAFNR fall career fair.

“My goal is to have 150 employers at the fall career fair by 2017 and 175 by 2018,” Arri said.

Arri received his bachelor’s degree in French from MU. He received his master’s degree in human resources development from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. Before working in CAFNR Career Services, Arri worked in MU’s Engineering Career Services. Before that, he spent 20 years working in corporate human resources positions.

Julie Scroggs is the new coordinator of student recruitment and replaces CeCe Leslie. Scroggs will represent CAFNR at college fairs and agricultural education days, and she will coordinate communications and visits with prospective students, among other things.

“Right now it is college fair season,” Scroggs said. “So we have usually a fair or two a week.”

This semester she is focusing on traveling in Missouri, but next semester she will travel to more places outside of the state.

“For this semester, it’s mostly in Missouri just because of where the college fairs are,” Scroggs said. “But next semester Mizzou does their Preview Mizzou where they go all around the country. So next semester we will be for sure going to Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis.”

Scroggs said she wanted to work with CAFNR recruitment because of her love of MU and her passion for helping students find their best fit.

“I love CAFNR because we are so student centered,” Scroggs said. “The passion and the care that the staff and faculty have for students is outstanding. So recruiting for a college that has those values is something I couldn’t pass up.”

Scroggs is from Columbia, Missouri, and went to MU majoring in communications and psychology with a minor in business. As a student she was involved in a sorority, took on the roll as a Summer Welcome Leader and was a peer educator for the Wellness Resource Center.

“I don’t have an agriculture background,” Scroggs said. “But one of the things I love about CAFNR, one of the things I am looking forward to learning about, is pretty much everything about all of the majors, careers and all the opportunities related to CAFNR majors.”

Scroggs said she enjoys the people she works with.

“I love working with the staff in our office, but I also love working with our students,” Scroggs said. “With the college ambassadors I have a couple of recruitment interns, so it’s always fun to work with students and help them develop as leaders.”

Shanon Dickerson is the new CAFNR study abroad director and replaces Matt Pourney. Dickerson visits classrooms and goes to different fairs to recruit students to participate in study abroad programs, and helps students with the application process. She also works with the faculty that lead the different CAFNR study abroad programs.

Dickerson wanted to work for CAFNR study abroad because of the relationships she can build with students.

“I like being part of a college within the university,” Dickerson said. “It will allow me to get to know the students and faculty a lot better, and have a more direct relationship with students who are studying abroad.”

Dickerson received her undergraduate degree in Spanish from Illinois College and her master’s degree in Spanish and sociology from Northern Illinois University. Before working with CAFNR study abroad, she taught Spanish at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. She also served as the executive chair of Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs.

What Dickerson enjoys the most about her job is working with students.

“I enjoy working with the faculty and students,” Dickerson said. “And helping students select study abroad opportunities that fit their academic and career goals.”

Arri, Scroggs and Dickerson are excited to start their new jobs. They hope to continue to get to know the students and faculty. Their offices are located in 2-64 Agriculture Building.

Maggie Resor

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