New ambulatory facility under construction for MU veterinary school

The ability for MU professors of veterinary medicine and students to make on-farm visits will soon improve. The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine has a new building under construction that will serve as an ambulatory facility.

This facility will house the field service vehicles that the MU Veterinary Health Center uses for off-site farm visits and emergencies. According to John. R. Middleton, a professor of food animal medicine and surgery at MU, this facility was going to be built in 1993 when Clydesdale Hall was built, but unfortunately it would have pushed that project over the budget.,The Missouri General Assembly recently granted MU funds to improve large animal education at the veterinary school.

This new funding has allowed the construction of the ambulatory facility, which will have two floors. The first floor of the facility will house the service vehicles, supplies, laundry facilities and showers for biosecurity purposes. The six service vehicles include those for food animals, equine and reproductive services. Having these vehicles will allow veterinarians to visit farms and perform medical services and will provide a means for veterinary school students to gain more hands-on experience in a variety of environments. The second floor of the new facility will house seven faculty offices as well as a 40-seat classroom. Middleton stated this new building will “provide much needed space” as well as a level of biosecurity, a place to restock vehicles and shelter from inclement weather when doing so.

“I am so excited to see the new ambulatory facility once it is finished,” said Katie Williams, a pre-vet student at MU. “It should be a great shadowing opportunity and a very useful extension of the veterinary school and hospital facilities.”

This new facility should allow students at the MU veterinary school more hands-on experience and shadowing opportunities, in addition to better and more flexible care for owners of food animals and equine in central Missouri.

“I feel like it’s great that the MU Vet School and the animal science department is getting a new expansion,” said Jernia Davis, an animal science major at MU. “My years being an animal science student at MU, I felt that the department has always been overlooked by the University. It’s nice to finally see a change and to gain new resources for the students and faculty.”

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