Arrowhead Stadium to host largest barbecue contest in the world

The American Royal is hosting the annual World Series of Barbecue at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 2-3.

For the first time in 36 years, the barbecue contest is being moved out of the West Bottoms of Kansas City and over to Arrowhead Stadium. The move was quite simple and seemed like a logical choice to bring a bigger audience.

“Basically, we were out of space,” said Kim Palmer, American Royal Barbecue Coordinator. “We would like to be able to accommodate all of the teams wanting to participate in this prestigious contest and our home in the West Bottoms was not conducive.  In fact, our footprint was shrinking.”

Not only is there an open barbecue contest for anybody, but there is a KC Masterpiece Invitational only contest, which will feature pit-masters — individuals who are skilled and respected in the barbecue scene — who have been seen on television.

“We will welcome 618 teams from 40 states and three foreign countries,” Palmer said. “This is a new record for the American Royal and is now the largest barbecue contest in the world.”

On Saturday, Oct. 3, Cowtown Family Fun Fest will be held as well as the 9th Annual Junior World series of Barbecue, commonly known as the Kid’s Que. Children ages 6 through 15 can compete by barbecuing either hamburger or steak.

“[This year] 10 states will be represented in the Kid’s Que,” Palmer said.

To attend these events you must have a ticket that can be purchased in advance online or at the gate. For more information visit the American Royal website.

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