Local doctor emphasizes benefits of cleaning our personal air filters

Hana Ruhn Solomon began her college career as a 27-year-old single mom and has gone on not only to become a medical doctor, but also the inventor of one of the most well-known health products in the nation.

Solomon, originally from Brooklyn, New York, began her undergraduate studies at Stephens College in Columbia and went on to the University of Missouri where she earned her medical degree in 1986.

As a pediatrician, Solomon worked with numerous young patients with colds and allergies. She knew that the practice of nasal washing was important for good health.

“Washing your nose is much like brushing your teeth,” Solomon said.

When Solomon realized there was no comfortable nasal washing device available for kids and adults she developed the concept for a product called Nasopure. Soloman started the BeWell Health Company in 2001. Production of the Nasopure system, now available in pharmacies and large grocery stores nationwide, began in 2007.

“I knew that washing the nose, the human air filter, just makes sense,” Solomon said.

Her ultimate goal for the product is to help people use fewer drugs. People can maintain their nasal health naturally by using Nasopure.

In addition to holding the official title of pediatrician, Solomon also can be described as a philanthropist, inventor, business owner, speaker and grandmother.

“I feel like it’s important to do the right thing,” Solomon said.

Not only are all of her products made in Missouri, but adults with disabilities assemble them in a sheltered workshop. Her practice employs seven people; four of these are full time employees.

“I like that I’m working for someone who really wants to help make lives better and uses her product to do so,” said Rebekah Northern, one of Nasopure’s interns. Dr. Hana has employed Rebekah for three months at her medical practice.

According to Solomon, anyone suffering from nasal, sinus, ear issues or asthma might benefit from using Nasopure or another nasal washing system.

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