‘Mizzou Idols’ show off their singing skills in sixth annual competition

The sixth annual Mizzou Idol student singing competition was held Thursday, Feb. 26, at the Missouri Theater in downtown Columbia. Based on the iconic television show American Idol, Mizzou Idol allowed audience members to text in votes on their favorite performances from Mizzou students. The performances were critiqued on stage by a panel of three judges.

The goal of the event was to allow students to showcase their singing abilities to fellow students, faculty, and members of the Columbia community in a fun and competitive environment. MSA/GPC College Music Committee and the Mizzou Residence Halls Association (RHA) sponsored the annual event. The event was free for all Mizzou students.

The tittle of Mizzou Idol 2015 went to Carly Eslick. Mizzou Idol First Runner-up was awarded to Yun Jee. Mizzou Idol Fan Favorite was awarded to Brendan Hurley.

“It was really interesting to see fellow Mizzou students show off their singing talents,” said Hattie Kaimann a freshmen Mizzou student who attended the event. “I especially enjoyed that the audience was given a chance to be involved by voting, it made the event more enjoyable than just sitting and listening.”

This year the competition included 15 semifinalists and four students battling as “wild cards” to earn the final spot in the semifinal round. The four “wild card” contestants performed a song of their choosing a cappella style for 30 seconds. The audience and judges then selected a winner, who then competed with the other 15 contestants in the semifinal round.

Members of Comedy Wars comedy group performed impromptu comedy sets to entertain audience members in-between competition rounds.

In the semifinal round, the contestants preformed a song of their choosing for the audience that showed off their skill, range and personality.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share this stage with these other talented singers and this great experience with the audience,” said Mizzou Idol semifinalist contestant Erin Taylor.

After the semifinal round, four students were selected to compete in the final round. The selection process once again included the audience texting in their votes and the judges providing feedback as well as selecting their favorite performances.

The contestants in the final round included students Yun Jee, Carly Eslick, Brendan Hurley, and Breanna Lehane.

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