CP Editorial: A passport can be the key to your next adventure

brammer“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose … And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go,” Dr. Seuss said in his well-known book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

Thanks to the CAFNR Study Abroad Program, the places you can go are plenty and varied.

The college has numerous study abroad programs offered over winter, spring or summer breaks or during the semester. Some of the destinations are for specific programs of study, and many are open to all majors.

I had the privilege of traveling overseas this past summer with my livestock judging team. We won a national contest in Kentucky that qualified us to travel to Scotland, Ireland and London to compete. While we were overseas, we toured numerous farming operations and saw the way of life, customs, culture and history of specific areas.

Not only was I able to learn how agriculture across the world operated, but also I gained a completely new perspective on life outside of the United States.

Breanne Brammer, graduate student in agricultural education, is no stranger to overseas travel. Having traveled to seven different countries, she certainly sees the positive aspects of studying abroad.

“There is never going to be another time in your life when you have the time or resources to study abroad,” Brammer said.

Brammer first became a worldwide traveler as a freshman at Mizzou; she traveled to Costa Rica through the science and agricultural journalism field reporting class. This was only the beginning for Brammer. Since then, she has gone to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Mozambique, Mexico and Canada.

Just like Brammer, I am from a rural community in northwest Missouri with a population of 1,800 people. I have been to 18 different states, but traveling overseas was certainly a whole new experience.

As I stepped off the plane in Scotland, the feeling was indescribable. Being in a new place can be overwhelming at times and it tested my ability to adapt to diverse situations, but I gained a completely new sense of independence. Understanding another lifestyle not only enriched my understanding of the world, but it also made me grateful to have an opportunity to experience different cultures.

“I started my travel journey when I was 18, and now as a 21-year-old there are only more places I want to see and more experiences I want to capture,” Brammer said.

I could not agree more with her statement. Much like Brammer, my trip this past summer truly inspired me. I saw diverse farming practices and I was able to talk with producers about different farming techniques.

Going to another country can seem intimidating, but the outcome of the experience is certainly something to consider. CAFNR’s next deadline is Oct. 1, 2015 for winter and spring break applications. For more information on CAFNR’s study abroad programs, visit their website.

Rachel Dotson

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Hello! My name is Rachel Dotson, and I am majoring in science and agricultural journalism, while also obtaining a minor in both animal science and agricultural economics. My roots are stitched to a town that has acquired the reputation of being the “Disneyland of Quilting” other wise known as Hamilton, Missouri. Currently I am interning with the Missouri Pork Association, and am enjoying being a part of providing the pork industry with a voice. Also, this summer I will be serving as the marketing and communications intern with the National Swine Industry. I could not be more excited to be a member of the CAFNR Corner Post staff again this semester!