Students have many opportunities to find their passion in CAFNR

Out of the 34,000 students at MU, approximately 3,200 are enrolled in CAFNR. With many different clubs and organizations for CAFNR students to take part in, the college makes sure students have a special niche they can call home. The college has everything from sororities and fraternities to study abroad programs and leadership opportunities through organizations such as CAFNR Ambassadors.

CeCe Leslie, is the director of student recruitment in the Academic Programs Office at CAFNR. This office is a “one-stop shopping service” where students can go to find out how to get more involved.

One of the many organizations available for CAFNR students to join is CAFNR Ambassadors. The ambassadors work with CAFNR staff and faculty to help recruit incoming and current MU students to CAFNR. This organization is suited for CAFNR students who are outgoing, have good communication skills and are willing to dedicate time to represent their school.

“The best part of CAFNR Ambassadors is getting to meet all the prospective students and getting them excited to come to college,” said Laura Whipple, a senior biochemistry major. “It’s really fun getting to tell them all about it.”

When going through applications and choosing ambassador’s to represent CAFNR, the college tries to pick students that represent many majors within the college. Having a wide variety of majors is important, because these students spend a lot of time talking to high school students and educating them about the different majors within CAFNR.

“We would love to increase the number of students in plant science, science and agricultural journalism, and forestry,” Leslie said. “It helps to have knowledge of all different types of majors.”

For students who are passionate about agriculture and love the aspect of brotherhood or sisterhood, CAFNR also has several professional fraternities and a sorority. Some of these fraternities include Alpha Gamma Sigma, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, and FarmHouse. Sigma Alpha is the professional agriculture sorority within CAFNR. These fraternities and sorority promote leadership, fellowship and academic success among their members.

CAFNR also has many study abroad opportunities available to students who love to travel. Students may study abroad through winter, spring and summer programs, as well as full semester programs. These studies give students the opportunity to travel all over the world to learn about different aspects of agriculture. For instance, students can travel to China to learn about swine production, Germany to study agricultural systems management and South Africa to learn all about wildlife management. For more information, visit the CAFNR Study Abroad website.

No matter what a student’s interest area, they will surely be able to find a new passion during their time studying at CAFNR. To learn more about the different ways to get involved within CAFNR, please visit the Organizations page of the CAFNR website.

Martha Steiner

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