MU student co-founds school in Kenya

Cheyenne Kline, a sophomore journalism and pre-law major from Sedan, Kansas, has done something everyone told her she couldn’t do. Kline helped co-found Priscilla’s, a school in Nairobi, Kenya, in the summer of 2014. After meeting some inspiring children during her trip to Kenya who were getting by on so little, she wanted to help them out in any way she could.

Kline was in charge of the school’s website, and the public relations efforts brought the idea of the school to life. After the project took off, the school became a self-sufficient success. The school charges parents a small amount of tuition so the children are able to attend school. The money collected for tuition is also used to assist in funding an orphanage that was already established by the other co-founder. The entire project helps two organizations function for a small price.

Kline continues to help Priscilla’s by collecting donations and school supplies from the people around her. Many of these donations come from people from her hometown, as well as MU students. Kline has also reached out to other towns for support by asking friends to mention the school to their hometown newspapers. Kline said she receives many donations, almost weekly, that she is able to send to Priscilla’s.

“If I don’t do anything else in my life, this is one thing I will remember,” Kline said. “I’m just so happy to have met these people and to have had just a small way to help them. It was such a small thing that had a ripple affect and just became huge.”

Kline’s giving heart carries over into her personal life as well. Haley McDill, a friend and fellow journalism major, has had nothing but good memories with Kline since meeting her at MU.

“Cheyenne is one of the most genuine, giving and inspiring girls I know,” McDill said. “To me, she is the definition of ‘selfless.’”

Some of Cheyenne’s biggest inspirations have been her grandparents, as well as her best friend at MU, Jody Peterson. Peterson, a junior journalism major, has known Cheyenne since her first day at MU and has been with her ever since.

“I have seen Cheyenne grow into the most passionate and caring person because of Priscilla’s,” Peterson said. “I think she is a great example of how we should live our lives, in that serving others is the best way to be truly happy. I can’t name one person that starts something as inspiring as this at the age of 19, but she did it with dedication and persistence. I am truly lucky to know her.”

Kline’s best advice to anyone who wants to start a new venture like hers is to know that nothing is unattainable. Accomplishing big things is never easy and many people may have doubts, but Kline has been able to prove that it is not impossible. All it takes is finding something inspiring enough to fight for.

To learn more about donating to Priscilla’s, you can contact Cheyenne Kline via email,

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