Alex Templeton: Inspiring girls through hunting

AlexTempletonbowThe U.S. Census Bureau statistics state that out of 13.7 million hunters, 11 percent are females. Included in that 11 percent is one of MU’s own, Alexandria Templeton. Born and raised in Polo, Missouri, Templeton is the “son her father never had” and grew up hunting.

“Growing up on the farm, hunting was such a natural thing that everybody does,” Templeton said. “Everybody’s mom hunts. Everybody’s dad hunts. Everybody does it. Opening weekend of deer season is a holiday where I’m from.”

Hunting began as a way for Templeton to spend more time with her dad. Now, it is more about being able to go home, spend time in the woods, relax and unwind.

“[Growing up with Alex] was like having a brother,” said Templeton’s younger sister Emily Templeton. “She was a tomboy. She always wore a camo hat and denim. She was always there to hang out, teach me how to ride horses and take me hunting.”

When Templeton arrived in Columbia for her freshman year of college, it was a big change from her small town hunting community.

“I got a lot of ‘You? You hunt? I would have never guessed that!’” Templeton said. “My freshman year when I lived in the dorms, I was kind of like the dorm redneck. My roommate was also from a small town, so she got it, but all our other friends who were from the city had never been in the country. I had never met anyone who didn’t like to hunt before.”

At age 7, Templeton’s dad taught her how to hunt and she killed her first turkey that year. Three years later, a man who filmed for Drury Outdoors offered to film Templeton turkey hunting. This experience made her realize that filming can be an integral part of hunting. When Templeton was a junior in college, Tammi Gregory approached her. She asked if Templeton wanted to be on her show “Dressed To Kill,” which is a show that features a group of women from all over the U.S. that share the same passion for hunting. They all rifle hunt, but the show’s main focus is bow hunting.

“I know that my life is never going to stray away from what I love to do and being on ‘Dressed to Kill’ has been a blessing,” Templeton said.

AlexTempletonwithbuckTempleton grew up rifle and shotgun hunting. When she started dating Andy Fleming her freshman year at MU, he introduced her to bow hunting. Templeton took to it immediately.

“She got a bow and started practicing and ended up hunting and loving it,” said Fleming. “We’re always outdoors. We’re always out scouting for deer, turkeys and everything possible, trying to find trips to go on. She basically loves everything that involves the outdoors.”

Throughout Templeton’s life others have noticed her and her hunting ability. Now it is a surprise to her that people all over are taking an interest in her story and opinions.

Templeton spoke at a Bass Pro seminar in Independence, Missouri, earlier this year about women in the outdoors. Girls, boys and women twice her age wanted to get her autograph, to take pictures with her and to talk to her. Many fathers wanted to talk with her about hunting with their children and how to get them into it.

“For me,” Templeton said, “it’s all about if I can inspire one girl to hunt, one girl to pick up a bow, one girl to ask her dad, ‘Hey I’d like to try this hunting thing.’ Then all of the effort I put into trying to keep myself in a positive light, then it’s all worth it.”

As her senior year comes to an end this December, Templeton is looking towards the future. When she graduates her ultimate goal is to be a cattle farmer and to have her own cow-calf operation like her father.

For more information on the TV show Templeton is featured on, visit the “Dressed to Kill” website, or visit the show’s youtube channel.

> Photos by Andy Fleming
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