Tiger Ag Classic: CAFNR alums golf to give back

Fun, food, and a whole lot of golf are the only ways to describe the MU Tiger Ag Classic. On Friday, Sept. 12, the Mizzou Ag Alumni Association held their annual Tiger Ag Classic Golf tournament followed by a steak fry. Many MU alumni come back to Columbia each year to participate in this tournament, which raises money for many CAFNR academic programs and students.

Alumni, staff, and students came out to golf, relax, mingle and socialize with other alumni.

Matt Horstmeier, the 2014 committee chair, said the event is, “a great way to give back while having a great time.”

More than 24 sponsors helped make this year’s tournament a huge success. Companies such as Monsanto and John Deere give back to CAFNR every year through this event. Some companies have been involved in the annual fundraiser for many years. John Deere, for example, has been involved in this tournament since 2004.

When asked why John Deere sponsors this tournament, Don Borgman, the representative for John Deere, talked about how beneficial MU is to John Deere as a company.

“Mizzou is a great ag school and is a great source of employees for us,” Borgman said. “Obviously agriculture and our future are tied directly into the success of ag.”

This year was the event’s 21st anniversary, and it was a complete success, according to Dana Brown-Haynes, director of alumni relations for CAFNR. Brown-Haynes said this year’s fundraiser drew 122 golfers to the tournament including 12 MU students. Later in the day, there were 200 alumni and students at the annual steak fry. All the proceeds from this event will go back to the students of CAFNR in the form of scholarships.

For more information on the Tiger Ag Classic or other CAFNR fundraisers, visit the CAFNR Alumni website.

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