CAFNR offers diverse study abroad opportunities

Are you a CAFNR student anxious to learn about agriculture all over the globe? Do you enjoy traveling and working in a more hands-on environment? If so, a CAFNR study abroad program may be a perfect fit for you.

“I would strongly recommend studying abroad to others, especially Costa Rica,” said sophomore Mandy Bailes. “I think it’s a wonderful country that has more to offer than some may think.”

Bailes, a CAFNR parks, recreation and tourism major, studied abroad in Costa Rica over the summer of 2014. While participating in the nine-week program (from May 18 to July 18) Bailes completed 12 credit hours. She lived and studied at EARTH University, a school with more than 400 students from 35 countries, and she said meeting those individuals was the highlight of her experience.

In addition to studying and learning about agricultural practices in Costa Rica, Bailes also noticed how luxurious life is in the United States in comparison, and admits to taking it for granted.

“I learned so much about the people and culture of Costa Rica,” Bailes said. “I realized how spoiled we are and how much we take for granted in the United States.”

According to Matthew Pourney, director of CAFNR study abroad programs, students who study abroad are able to grow academically and personally These programs allow students to explore subjects not available on campus, earn credits, make new friends, gain independence, and build their resumes.

According to the Study Abroad section of the CAFNR website, the college is offering almost 20 programs during the 2014-15 school year. Length, time of year and focus varies, from a 10-day tour in and around Beijing, China, over spring break that focuses on swine production, to a summer program in France focused on viticulture and enology, to a semester-long program in New Zealand with a wide variety of academic options. For details on each program, visit the CAFNR website.

“New for the 2015 program is a trip to Ireland,” Pourney said. “When traveling to Ireland, you will get the chance to visit the cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway, London, and more.”

According to Pourney, studying abroad in a foreign country is something every student should take advantage of if given the opportunity to do so. If you are interested and want to learn more, contact Pourney at or visit the official CAFNR study abroad website at

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