MU Collegiate Cattlewomen bring beef education to campus through annual ‘Meet your Meat’

The rainy afternoon of Tuesday April 29 didn’t stop MU’s Collegiate Cattlewomen from hosting the 5th Annual Meet Your Meat on campus’s Lowry Mall.

Meet Your Meat serves as an educational event for MU students and faculty.

“The event was started as a part of our effort to inform others from outside the agricultural industry about the benefits of beef,” said Caroline Kirby, Collegiate Cattlewomen member. “We, like many others from within the agricultural industry, understand the importance of promoting agriculture — more specifically beef — to those around us.”

One of the highlights of Meet your Meat is the live heifer or steer that is brought to campus and penned on Lowry Mall.

“The live calf is the main attraction that draws individuals into the event area so that we can take the opportunity to educate, promote, and inform,” Kirby said.

After passersby visit with the Cattlewomen and learn about the beef industry, they can enjoy a rib-eye steak sandwiches, chips, and a drink, all for just $6.

“Selling the steak sandwiches helps to remind people how great beef tastes and gives us more time to speak with those in attendance,” Kirby said.

At this year’s Meet Your Meat event, the Cattlewomen sold approximately 550 rib-eye steak sandwiches. The money raised will be used for educational materials they will use throughout the year to advocate for beef inside and outside the classroom. Some of the proceeds also go toward the organization’s community service projects.

“At the end of the event, we hope consumers can go home with information regarding the industry as well as our main message: livestock producers work hard each and every day to ensure there is safe, quality, and healthy meat product on all consumers’ tables,” Kirby said.

Reading about this annual event is what spurred Kirby to become a member of the organization, which currently has 30 members.

“I first heard about Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen’s Meet Your Meat event when I read an article regarding the event my senior year of high school,” Kirby said. “After reading the article, I knew I wanted to become a member and a part of Meet Your Meat. It has been a very rewarding experience to watch the event grow and evolve in the last five years and I am excited to continue to see it expand all across the country.”

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