Mizzou Campus Weather Service storms social media

Mizzou Campus Weather Service recently launched Facebook and Twitter accounts where the MU community can see forecasts, weather pictures and receive important weather alerts all in one newsfeed.

Peter Speck, a graduate student and research assistant at MU, was recruited by Anthony Lupo, professor of atmospheric sciences, to bring the Mizzou Campus Weather Service site back to life. Instead of working on a new website right away, Speck felt creating Campus Weather Service social media accounts would be more effective.

“Since everyone seems to have a Facebook and Twitter these days, I thought that the first step to help bring the site back would be to create accounts on both sites,” Speck said. “That way, if there was something worth mentioning in the forecast or if there was something people should know, they would have the ability to see it in their news feed rather than having to click on a different URL to see it. It just makes it easier to get the word out.”

Though it was inactive for a while, results show that things are picking up for the Mizzou Campus Weather Service’s social media.

“Interest in the Mizzou Campus Weather Service has been growing again since the Facebook and Twitter page were introduced a few weeks ago,” Speck said. “Currently, we have seven undergrad and grad students who help to update the Facebook and Twitter page.”

Speck is excited about the results the Campus Weather Service social media sites are getting.

“We are followed by many news personalities from local TV stations and even a few meteorologists from National Weather Service offices and The Weather Channel!” Speck said.

The goal for the service is to help graduate and undergraduate students gain hands-on experience. The Mizzou Campus Weather Service is becoming a resume builder for students who want to continue in the atmospheric science program.

“Employers in all sectors of meteorology are looking at ways in how their applicants can stand out from the rest of the crowd,” Speck said. “This is what I feel the Mizzou Campus Weather Service does for our grads and undergrads who are looking at a job in operational side of meteorology.”

Thanks to Mizzou Campus Weather Service, everyone can now access weather on campus from students who are future meteorologists.

To see the latest weather updates, follow their page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/mizzoucampusweatherservice

Have a weather question? You can tweet your question to the account, and follow them on Twitter at: @MizzouWX, https://twitter.com/MizzouWX

Erin Boedeker

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