Emily Scott: Missouri Olympic athlete becomes advocate for beef

The town of Springfield, Mo., has a new hometown hero. Emily Scott, a daughter, granddaughter, sister and a friend of many now has another title: Olympic short track speed skater. Scott is on her way home from Sochi, Russia, where she recently finished competing in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Scott began skating when she was 3 years old. When her older sister began skating, Scott decided she wanted to follow in her footsteps.  After that, Scott and her sister both joined the speed team at a local ice rink.

“Skating eventually became my life, and I found myself winning regional and national championships at a young age,” Scott said.

Scott stuck with skating throughout grade school, middle school and high school instead of trying other sports. She put hard work and dedication into speed skating, with dreams of going to the Olympics.

Eventually, Scott had to switch from inline speed skating to short track speed skating because inline speed skating was not an Olympic sport.

“I wanted to give up many times, but I knew I would have regrets so I stuck it out,” Scott said.

Scott met her goal and is now an Olympian.

“I learned at a very young age that in order to get where you want to be in life you have to work very hard,” Scott said.

Scott trains six days a week, usually for eight hours.  Her workouts range from skating to off-the-ice workouts, such as technical work and lifting weights.

Scott grew up in an environment that she believes taught her the importance of hard work. Every weekend growing up Scott would help her father and grandfather on their family cattle farm. Some of Scott’s favorite memories come from growing up on a farm.

“I would help my father bring the cattle in to feed them and he would let me sit on his lap and let me drive the tractor around,” Scott said.

While speed skating takes a lot of her time, it hasn’t taken Scott away from cattle and agriculture.

Scott was recently chosen as the first 2014 Olympic Beef Ambassador of Missouri. She was selected for this because of the important role beef plays in her life — beef is Scott’s main source of protein.

“Beef is very important for my diet because it is the best source of iron,” Scott said.

Iron is important in a balanced diet because it boosts energy. It is also needed to produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the lungs and other vital organs.

Scott explains why it is especially important for female athletes like her to include iron in a balanced daily diet.

“Iron is very important to female athletes, especially because of our intense training regimen,” she said. “We are at risk for anemia, and red meat is vital for helping protect females against that.”

Scott also eats beef because it is a complete protein, which builds muscle and helps worked muscles to recover.

As the new 2014 Olympic Beef Ambassador for the Missouri Beef Industry Council, Scott will be the voice of beef by promoting the importance of beef to all consumers and explaining the importance of beef in a balanced diet.

Beth Outz, the director of communications for the Missouri Beef Industry Council, said Scott’s background as an Olympic athlete makes her a perfect spokesperson for the team.

“We are super excited to have Emily as our official Olympic beef ambassador of Missouri,” Outz said. “She is a great advocate for promoting beef as a staple protein to her everyday diet and training regimen, as it is a necessity for her to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.”

Outz and the Missouri Beef Industry Council staff are happy to have Scott become a part of their team.

“We’re excited to use her voice as a leader in promoting beef to educate the people of Missouri, and help them learn how to better ‘beef up their lifestyle,’” Outz said.

Now that the Winter Olympic Games have concluded, Scott and the Missouri Beef Industry Council team will be at various events throughout the state. The public will be able to visit with them and hear Scott speak and advocate for beef.

The Missouri Beef Industry Council’s industry affairs coordinator, Taylor Tuttle, will work closely with Scott throughout her time as the Missouri Beef Industry Council Ambassador.

“Everyone at the Missouri Beef Council is excited to have Emily Scott on board as our Beef Ambassador,” Tuttle said. “She is an extraordinary athlete that has overcome tremendous obstacles to follow her dream. In a way, Emily is a lot like cattlemen and cattlewomen in that she has set goals to live out her dream, faced challenges, and embraced opportunities.”

Scott hopes everyone finds the courage and determination to follow their own dreams, just like she did by attending the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Though Scott did not medal in this year’s Winter Olympic Games, her statistics and results can be found by visiting NBC Sports at http://www.nbcsports.com.

For more information on Scott’s upcoming appearances with the Missouri Beef Industry Council, visit www.mobeef.org.

Erin Boedeker

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