Alpha Mu pancake feed nourishes scholarship fund

Retired ASM professor and former Alpha Mu adviser Bill Hires enjoys the annual pancake breakfast.

On the brisk early morning of Wednesday, March 12, members of the Alpha Mu fraternity busied themselves preparing a pancake breakfast to benefit their brotherhood and their community.

“I’ve been here since 6 in the morning,” said Trey Garst, member of Alpha Mu. He and his brothers’ efforts could be seen with a long line of tables stacked with trays of food and coolers full of assorted juices.

The smell of bacon and pancakes fresh off the grill filled room 135 in the Agricultural Engineering Building from 7 to 9 a.m. that Wednesday. What was at first a rather low-key event quickly picked up pace as people began flocking in to enjoy homemade pancakes, bacon and sausage.

The breakfast is the only fundraising event Alpha Mu holds each year and is used as an opportunity to raise money that will go toward scholarships for members of the fraternity, according to Garst. For a fraternity that puts a lot of emphasis on grades, the money is put to excellent use.

“In order to join Alpha Mu, boys need to have accumulated 30 credit hours and a minimum 3.0 GPA,” said Leon Schumacher, Alpha Mu’s current adviser, and professor of agricultural systems management.

Members of this agriculture-based fraternity join to be a part of a motivated brotherhood, according to Schumacher. The dedication to such values was easily identifiable in the members who were present and serving guests their breakfasts.

Of those attending, a few honorary guests also made an appearance at the breakfast. One guest of notoriety was Alpha Mu’s old adviser and retired CAFNR professor, Bill Hires.

“He said he wouldn’t come back after he retired, but he can’t stay away,” Schumacher said.

Hires shared stories and swapped jokes with the other attendees.

Hires taught agricultural systems management courses with CAFNR for 19 years while also acting as Alpha Mu’s adviser.

“[He] kept a lot of students going in the right direction,” Schumacher said.

Hires also helped to preserve the integrity of Alpha Mu, choosing Schumacher as his successor after he retired. Since Schumacher took the reins in 1996, the fraternity is still going strong.

Due to a good amount of advertising from the brothers of Alpha Mu, the breakfast was quite successful. Many guests came to show their support and to enjoy a warm and hearty meal. At the end of the event, Alpha Mu was able to raise close to $250.

Karlie Schaphorst

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