Love is in the air for MU horticulture club

Bouquet of roses.With 20 members helping, 100 hours of preparation invested and 600 roses ready to sell, the MU Horticulture Club’s rose sale has been in full swing since Feb. 13 and ends Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. The annual Valentine’s Day Rose Sale is located in MU’s Conservation Hall.

There is no waiting list for the roses and arrangements being sold. Students and faculty can get their flowers almost immediately, which is perfect for anyone in need of a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift.

Red roses sell out the fastest, but a variety of additional colors are offered. Pink, white and yellow roses are also for sale. Both single roses and full arrangements with a vase are available.

Kathryn Coon, president of the Horticulture Club, sees first-hand how this sale benefits her club.

“It’s a great opportunity for members to gain hands-on experience,” Coon said. “We really enjoy the learning aspect that such a big sale holds for us.”

The money the Horticulture Club raises from the rose sale goes to support Relay For Life, as well as to fund the club’s education program in the spring.

“Our clubs annual trip really is an extraordinary education opportunity outside of the classroom,” Coon said.

The rose sale is the biggest fundraising sale for the Horticulture Club, with their fall poinsettia sale coming in a close second.

“We have awesome support from professors and faculty for both sales,” Coon said.

The Horticulture Club tries to make everything simple for their customers, even down to the payment process, and they accept cash, checks and credit cards. Last year during the sale, the Horticulture Club charged over $1,000 in credit card sales.

Valentine’s Day itself is the biggest day of sales for the club.

You can visit for more information about the Horticulture Club at MU.

Erin Boedeker

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