Ag Unlimited continues to help support CAFNR community

One of CAFNR’s largest fundraising events of the school year, Ag Unlimited, held Saturday, Feb. 15, attracted alumni from all around the state and recognized 25 scholarship recipients throughout the evening. The evening also consisted of an auction to benefit future and current College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources students.

Attendance and dollars raised were both at record levels this year, with more than 800 attending and close to $1 million raised for CAFNR scholarships and student programming. In 2012, there were 600 in attendance with more than $600,000 raised.. Alum and donator Tonya Redd, is a strong supporter of the purpose behind Ag Unlimited.

“It’s so great to see a major event like this benefit directly towards the students at this school,” Redd said. “Because not very many fundraising programs do that anymore.”

Alums and other supporters of CAFNR donated a large selection of goods and packages to be auctioned off. Examples of these items included Dinner with the Dean, Vacation Get-Away, Mizzou Sofa Table and a John Deere Kids Electric Gator. There was also a silent auction and a raffle at the banquet. In order to participate in the raffle, attendees had to purchase at least $20 worth of tickets. Nancy Peters, who participated in the raffle, says that the raffle increased her competitive side.

“Once you get your tickets, you can’t stop looking at the huge screen they have to see that you’ve won your prize that you want,” Peters said.

Items in the silent auction were separated from items in the “open” auction in order to prevent them from being sold twice. The silent auction sold produce, including apples from Peters Market. (ribs are not produce)

At the end of the evening, Ag Unlimited 2014 had successfully raised the needed money for scholarships, along with providing attendees with a meal and opportunity for alumni to be back in Columbia once more.

Sabrina Cope

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