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Being comfortable in her own skin, Hannah Turnbull, sophomore pre-dietetics and nutrition and fitness major, has made a transformation not many college freshmen undertake. While most students are dreading the freshman 15, Turnbull decided to embrace a lifestyle change when she joined college. Now, she has never felt more like herself.

In high school, Turnbull was an average student with limited athletic interest. When beginning college, she decided to take full advantage of the MizzouRec. In the trial week of free TigerX classes, Turnbull explored her new workout options. She began focusing on cardio and sculpting classes, and her passion for fitness developed.

Hannah Turnbull before and after.

After an eight-week training course and auditions, Turnbull earned her spot as a TigerX instructor and began researching ways to optimize her workouts. This is when she started to focus on healthy eating habits. At first, she limited her diet to foods she knew were considered healthy, such as salad. Now, she strives to eat a protein, carb and a fat with each meal. Instead of tracking calories, she tries to “clean eat.” This includes fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and no processed foods. With the occasional cheat meal once or twice a week, this diet has helped Turnbull stay fit.

“I hate when people say ‘I want to be skinny,’” Turnbull said.

With her self-taught techniques, Turnbull has changed her body by using body composition instead of weight loss as a measure of success. She has lost only five pounds since beginning a new lifestyle in 2012, but has decreased body fat while building muscle. Her current goal is to gain muscle weight with her new interest in bodybuilding.

This coming summer, Turnbull plans to compete in female figure competitions. Her interest in bodybuilding began when she had ambitions to go above and beyond her current weight management strategy.

“I want a goal,” Turnbull said, pounding her fist on the table. “I want to do something I love.”

A common misconception is that women body builders are bulky. The “bulk” actually comes with high testosterone levels in the body’s system. Females can lift weights without becoming massive because it tones the muscles.

“At the gym she always pushes herself to do one more rep or extra weight when her body says, ‘no,’” said Kelly Anderson, senior radiological sciences major. “She is mentally very focused and if she sets her mind to something she can do it.”

Not only is her appearance likeable, but she also has a fresh, upbeat personality. In and out of the gym, Turnbull’s friends look up to her.

“Hannah is someone I know I can always go to for positivity, encouragement, motivation and inspiration,” said Brooke Larson, sophomore nursing major. “Hannah excels in any area she desires.”

If you frequent MizzouRec, you’ll see Turnbull teaching TigerX for pump express sculpting class and during tiger extreme cardio class.

“I want this forever,” Turnbull said.

With a positive life outlook, Turnbull plans to continue her healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to become a dietician as well as a personal trainer and figure coach. Pushing herself to her upmost potential has become a positive habit that Turnbull hopes to retain throughout her life.

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