CP Eats: Booches brings back fond memories of hometown dives

Venturing from small town life caused me to miss the simplicity of little, hole-in-the-wall restaurant dives. Seeing Booches door sign stating, “Closed on Sundays- See You In Church,” I could not help but stop and think of my hometown. Pulling the door open, my senses were overwhelmed with the nostalgic atmosphere of Booches.

Located at 110 S. 9th St. Columbia, Mo., Booches is open from 11a.m. – 12 a.m. Monday through Saturday. The cozy space is filled with diverse diners from business professionals to college students. Past the tables and bar is a long row of pool tables constantly in use. Walls are covered with MU and St. Louis Cardinals decorations from past decades, giving a small town, tavern feel.

As the waitress brought my water, she suggested I try Booches famous burger. The burger is smaller than an average patty, but larger than a slider and comes with ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion. After a lengthy wait due to their limited grill space, the waitress brought the two cheeseburgers I ordered on small pieces of wax paper.

“I’m not a big fan of burgers, but these were seriously delicious,” Hli Yang, freshman science and agricultural journalism major said. “They tasted real. I think it was the meat and cheese that did it. I’d recommend this place to anyone.”

At first glance the burger looks delightful and at first bite; heavenly. The meat practically melted in my mouth with the perfect mix of juices and spices. It tasted like farm fresh beef, not like over-processed meat found in fast food. Bite after bite, my taste buds applauded my decision to try Booches. Such great food came at a reasonable price of $3.50 per burger.

I highly suggest stopping at Booches when in downtown Columbia to get a burger fix, just do not expect fries. Along with burgers Booches serves chili, ‘dogs’ and breakfast items. The simplicity brings you to another world with an easy-going atmosphere. Do not forget cash, the only payment Booches accepts. Bring a friend or the family, Booches is for all ages with its small town charm in Columbia.

Allison Spence

About the Author Allison Spence

Freshman Allison Spence from Troy, Mo., chose to major in science and agricultural journalism because it was a perfect fit for her. “The reason I chose to major science and agricultural journalism was because I loved the combination of writing and spreading the positivity of agriculture to everyone,” Spence said.