Bonfire adds alumni connection to CAFNR Week

One way alumni and students could socialize during CAFNR Week was by sitting around a bonfire and eating s’mores. The CAFNR Week bonfire was held on Sunday, Sept. 29,at the Bradford Research Farm.

There was a wide range of activities at the bonfire, including a washers tournament, hayride and hot dog and marshmallow roast.

“I have really enjoyed the bonfire so far because it is a lot of fun to be around a lot of alumni,” said Maggie Hardwick, a junior science and agricultural journalism major. “They support us a lot through scholarships and helping us find jobs so it is nice to give back and talk with them.”

Many students participated in the washers tournament, in which the first place prize was one hundred dollars.

“I am really looking forward to the washers tournament tonight,” said Clarissa Brown, one of the CAFNR Week tri-directors. “I like a competitive spirit because it gets people involved.”

Students involved with putting on the bonfire said the event had a great turn out and was a great experience.

“I am really excited that a ton of alumni have shown up and that students are interacting with them,” Brown said.

The bonfire was one of several events during CAFNR Week, which also included the Randy Rodgers concert and professional networking events such as the Career Fair.

Altogether, Hardwick said that CAFNR Week was a great way to celebrate CAFNR.

“We celebrated what makes us CAFNR and why we are proud to be in CAFNR and to recognize all of the different things that we do,” she said.




Allison Wepler

About the Author Allison Wepler

Allison Wepler is from Liberty, Mo., which is north of Kansas City. She is very excited about the possibilities agriculture and Mizzou have to offer her. Attending Mizzou runs in the family for Wepler. Her father played football for the Mizzou Tigers when he was a college student. In high school, Wepler was active in FCCLA, Broadcasting, Student Council, dance and cheer. Wepler does not have an agricultural background, so being a student in CAFNR has opened up a huge amount of opportunities for succeeding in the adult world and finding a satisfying career in agriculture. She decided to major in science and agricultural journalism because she wanted to be a part of the business or journalism world. “It is an important thing that we are going to need in the world for a long time,” Wepler said concerning her choice to focus on agriculture within the journalism world.