Mizzou NAMA helps students develop skills in marketing

Since his freshman year, senior Marc Rosenbohm has been involved with the National AgriMarketing Association and believes the organization has had a positive impact on his collegiate career. An agribusiness management major and Mizzou NAMA vice president of the competition team, Rosenbohm has gained hands-on experience and developed numerous professional connections through NAMA.

“NAMA has been beneficial towards my presentation skills and has helped make me better at evaluating business opportunities,” Rosenbohm said.

Fellow senior, Sonja Gjerde, also believes in NAMA’s mission. A science and agricultural journalism major and NAMA secretary and state correspondent, she chose to become involved with NAMA because of the opportunities in strategic communications. Gjerde finds the marketing aspect interesting. She thought the organization was a great way to gain real life experience in the business world and to have fun. Her NAMA secretary duties include student correspondence, professional development event organization and fundraising and speaking events. As state correspondent she interacts with professionals from Missouri NAMA and maintains a strong relationship between the collegiate and professional chapter.

“NAMA has helped me realize career opportunities I have in marketing and also develop professional connections,” Gjerde said.

Over the course of the academic year alumni return to speak at meetings, share their business knowledge and attend NAMA related campus events. The club has a small membership but this allows members to know one other better and to bond.

Since its revival, Mizzou NAMA has competed in the national NAMA competition held annually in April. Last year’s competition was in Kansas City, Mo., and the club placed highly among competitors. This year the club will travel to Jacksonville, Fla., in hopes of once again placing.

After its hiatus, Mizzou NAMA has done well both in competition and with on-campus events. NAMA is still a young club at MU, but members such as Gjerde and Rosenbohm, are passionate about NAMA and want to promote and grow the club.

Sabrina Cope

About the Author Sabrina Cope

My name is Sabrina Cope. I am an agriculture major at the University of Missouri. My emphasis areas within my major are agricultural business management, plant science and science and agricultural journalism. I am originally from Truxton, Missouri. After graduation, I hope to work for an agriculture-based company in the sales or marketing departments. I want to be able to work with individuals who want to expand their business and make agriculture more interesting and relevant to the general public. I am excited to write for Corner Post again, expand my portfolio, network with professionals, obtain more of a hands-on experience with writing and meet new people.