CAFNR Week 2013 begins Sept. 25

The week of Sept. 25 through Oct. 2 is not just any week in CAFNR. It’s CAFNR Week! This week is a celebration dedicated to the pride that CAFNR students, alumni and faculty have for their college.

“The purpose of the week is for CAFNR students to network with other CAFNR students, alumni and faculty. Networking is a huge part of college,” said Matt Jeffers, junior agribusiness management major from Paris, Mo.

Jeffers is a CAFNR week steering committee member and has been working closely with the MU Ag Alumni Association, a CAFNR week sponsor.

“I met so many people while preparing for CAFNR week that I would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise,” Jeffers said.

Jeffers hopes freshmen take advantage of CAFNR Week by meeting as many people as they can. The week kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 25, with a comedy club night at 7 p.m. at Déjà Vu. The week includes other fun activities, such as a Randy Rogers Band concert, ice cream social, career fair, alumni bonfire and trivia night. Check out the Facebook page to view the full event schedule.

CAFNR Week has an event for everyone from socials to professional development. Students also meet future employers and sign up for interviews so bring resumes, business cards and your best business attire to this event.

“CAFNR is a very diverse college with a wide range of interests,” said Bryan Garton, associate dean and director of Academic Programs. “The steering committee’s hope is that the diverse activities throughout the week can appeal to CAFNR’s diverse group of students.”

Garton stressed that active collegians will realistically not be able to attend every event throughout the week. However, students should pick an event that appeals to them, which is the beauty of CAFNR Week. The week is student led with student interests in mind.

Another CAFNR Week benefit is that many events are free, perfect for a college budget. The alumni bonfire was added to the week last year and is held Sunday, Sept. 29 at Bradford Farm Research Center from 5 to 9 p.m.

“The night will have hotdogs, s’mores and a washers tournament, and it’s really just meant to be a fun relaxing evening,” Director of Alumni Relations, Dana Brown-Haynes said.

There are three main benefits of the evening: to meet other students, interact with alumni and enjoy a relaxing evening. There are also free t-shirts and prizes for the washers tournament.

Students can preserve CAFNR Week memories by purchasing a CAFNR Week bundle for $15. This includes a t-shirt, concert ticket, ice-cream social ticket and comedy night ticket. Bundles are located in the Agriculture Building, Eckles Hall and Animal Science Research Center.

“For a lot of students, CAFNR is the only college that feels like home,” said Clarissa Brown, CAFNR Week tri-director and agricultural education junior. “We try to emphasize this homey feeling throughout CAFNR Week.”

Elizabeth Johnson

About the Author Elizabeth Johnson

I am pursuing a degree in science and agricultural journalism with an emphasis in agricultural marketing. I hope to work in corporate public relations post graduation. I have a passion for communications and anything and everything Mizzou. My dad is a CAFNR alumnus with a degree in agricultural economics, and my mom graduated from the College of Education. Both of my parents grew up on family operated farms and in rural agricultural communities. This was the main factor in my decision to pursue a degree from CAFNR. I wrote for Corner Post during Fall 2013 and had no writing experience prior to that. I now have a new appreciation for investigative journalism and am excited to continue practicing it.