‘City kids’ make up half of CAFNR student population

Students from both rural and urban backgrounds attend the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources to pursue degrees in many different areas.

Julianna Kubiak, a freshman majoring in food science, is from suburban Dallas, Texas, and does not have any previous background in agriculture. She said she chose to come to MU and CAFNR because of the excellent food science program, and she liked the campus. She has met many students from farms and small towns so far.

Each CAFNR freshman class from 2009 to 2013 has been comprised of 50 percent rural and small-town students and 50 percent urban and suburban students, according to the CAFNR Summer Welcome Survey. So, neither background classification is dominant over the other.

The explanation for this lies with the numerous disciplines found in the college.

“It’s a very diverse college when it comes to majors,” CAFNR Associate Dean Bryan Garton said.

While some schools and colleges have only one major or focus, CAFNR has 15 majors with multiple emphasis areas.  The variety of majors brings in diverse types of people. From agricultural systems management to biochemistry, CAFNR offers something for everyone.

With the wide selection of majors, there are also a variety of clubs and organizations that cater to different backgrounds.

“I think there is a nice offering for both the traditional agriculture student, but also urban students coming in,” said CeCe Leslie, director of student recruitment at CAFNR.

For instance, the Mizzou Meeting Planners club caters to hospitality management majors, while the “Torque-n-Tigers,” a tractor-building club, caters to agricultural system management majors.

Some may be surprised at CAFNR’s diversity, however, Garton believes that CAFNR is a good combination of students with different backgrounds.

“There is a sense of community, I believe, in CAFNR that is very noticeable,” Leslie said.

As the college’s motto says, CAFNR is “Collaborating for the Greater Good.”


Tessa Chambers

About the Author Tessa Chambers

Going to the University of Missouri has always been a dream of Tessa Chambers. She feels that the University of Missouri gives her the ability to not only become an amazing journalist through the journalism program, but also an amazing agricultural journalist through the science and agricultural journalism program that we offer here at Mizzou. It has opened so many doors for her and she cannot wait to start her life in agricultural public relations once she graduates. “Agriculture is a huge part of my life and this passion, along with a passion for interacting with people is what caused me to pursue a degree in science and agricultural Journalism,” Chambers said.