Annual event rounds up CAFNR freshmen

To some, MFA Plaza on Wednesday, Aug. 28, probably seemed like an ordinary get together for a group or organization. When in fact, it was a mix of 42 clubs and organizations within CAFNR. At the annual Fall Round-Up students had the opportunity to meet with club and organization representatives to receive firsthand information about how to get involved on campus. The 2013 theme was “CAFNR- developing a college of champions.”

Dustin Collier, freshman from Fulton, Mo., double-majoring in fisheries and wildlife and forestry, heard about this event through social media. But he had no idea what it was going to be like.

“If you are looking to be involved in different organizations, then Fall Round-Up was a great event,” Collier said.

One of Collier’s favorite parts was the free t-shirt CAFNR students received. To get the shirt, freshmen were required to visit five booths and speak to club representatives. Before the event began Stephanie Chipman, CAFNR Career Services Director, and Benjamin McFarlin, from Tyson Foods, Inc., addressed students. Freshmen also received a free dinner of chicken patties donated by Tyson Foods, Inc.

“We want to integrate freshmen,” Kody Raines, senior agricultural business major and CAFNR Student Council president, said.

Raines’ goal is to get freshmen motivated to become involved in CAFNR. Hunter Wallace, freshman animal science major from Bolivar, Mo., stood out when he approached Raines during the event.

“I really want to get involved with CAFNR and I want to specifically get involved with CAFNR Student Council,” Wallace said.

He realized Raines was president from his speech and said he wanted to find out more information.

“I was very shocked by that,” Raines said. “As a freshman, there was no way I would have walked up to an upperclassman that was the president of an organization. He is the type of student I hope to motivate, because they have so much potential to do great things.”

With numerous clubs and organizations present, there was a unified feeling of unlimited potential. This proves that at the 2013 Fall Round-Up CAFNR students embraced their college’s motto, “Collaborating for the Greater Good.”

Allison Spence

About the Author Allison Spence

Freshman Allison Spence from Troy, Mo., chose to major in science and agricultural journalism because it was a perfect fit for her. “The reason I chose to major science and agricultural journalism was because I loved the combination of writing and spreading the positivity of agriculture to everyone,” Spence said.