Freshman year in review – lessons learned

It is the end of the beginning for Alex Jenkins and Colt Cumpton as their freshman year at MU comes to a close. A record breaking number of freshmen entered MU.  Now most, like Jenkins and Cumpton, will continue to their sophomore year.  They have two semesters of knowledge and know-how under their belts.

“I can’t believe that one-fourth of my college career is over,” Alex Jenkins said.

Jenkins is an agricultural economics major from Butler, Mo.  He still remembers being a senior in high school and wanting to move on from it.  Jenkins made a lot of good friends first semester.

“By the second semester, I had the system down and knew what I had to do,” Jenkins said.

The biggest thing he learned at MU was how to get his priorities straight.  The realization of why he came here and what he had to do finally hit home.

To Jenkins, both semesters seemed like they took forever, even though it was still an exciting time for him.  Right now, he misses home and is ready to go back for break.

Jenkins leaves campus for the summer knowing he will be prepared next year.  He knows what to expect out of college.

“Six more years here I come,” Colt Cumpton said.

A pre-vet student, Cumpton knows he has quite a bit of time left at MU

Cumpton is an animal science major from Adrian, Mo., and is Jenkins’ roommate.

“I’d rather be in college than high school,” Cumpton said. “But I miss the high school work.”

Through college Cumpton has learned to have a better schedule. During second semester he learned the gist of things and knew what his professors wanted.

He is going to stay in the dorm next year with Jenkins.  He is looking forward to his sophomore year.

This year’s freshmen are finally moving up the food chain.  They have been through the good and the rough times during the semester.

Each freshman has a unique story to tell.  Ultimately, they all have a journey to follow and goals to reach, and they are all one-step closer to what they came here for.

Josh Booth

About the Author Josh Booth

I am Josh Booth from Cainsville, Mo. I am a freshman and a science and agricultural journalism major. I want to emphasize photojournalism and pursue a minor in history. Agriculture has always been a part of my life, and I wish to continue with it. I want to tell the story of the people living the agricultural life, and address the misconceptions that many have about agriculture. In addition to my interest in photography, I really enjoy learning about history. The more you learn about the past, the better you can make the future.