Annual plant sale is a sure sign of spring

Nada Perez (right) and Christie Ojiaku (left), both graduate students studying molecular biology, look at plants during the Annual Warm Season Plant Sale.
“I wanted to find a plant that was low maintenance,” said Perez. Both students found out about the sale on their MU email feed.

Although Missouri might not know it, spring is here and it’s time to plant vegetable and flower gardens for the oncoming summer season. Tiger Garden, located in the Agriculture Science Building, had its annual Warm Season Sale on May 1 and 2 .

“I took a stroll through the building like I do every day and saw the plants,” said Janice Faaborg, an adviser for the department of fisheries and wildlife. “Every year my husband and I plant a huge garden and this can help us get a head start.”

Tiger Garden had flowers, herbs, perennials and vegetable plants to choose from.  Students grow the plants at the greenhouses south of campus.  It was estimated that 100 people walked through the door in the two days of the plant sale. Tiger Garden has had this annual sale since its opening in 2005.

“We are pretty near prices from other places, but we pride ourselves on quality,” said Clarissa Brown, a sophomore at MU studying agricultural education who works at Tiger Garden.

During the two days, student workers and volunteers helped with the plant sale. Plants that are unsold go back to the greenhouses and will be sold at a later time.

“We try to buy everything local,” Faaborg said. “The students are involved and this helps support local students and student groups.”

Tiger Garden also holds other plants sales throughout the year. For more information you can visit Tiger Garden online or visit their facility in the Agriculture Science Building.