Students can learn to be more effective leaders at academy Feb. 23

CAFNR students will have an opportunity to learn how to make their student organizations grow and flourish at the CAFNR Student Organization Leadership Academy on Feb. 23.

The Ag Education Graduate Student Association is hosting the first Student Organization Leadership Academy, funded by the Ag Alumni Association.  It is open to all students in CAFNR.  You do not have to be part of an organization to attend, but it would be a great time to find one.

“It is for strengthening clubs and chapters at MU,” Kristina Haug said.

Haug is a part of Ag Ed GSA and is looking forward to the event.  She wants to help students get involved, and stay involved.

“It is a great opportunity to build themselves in organizations and be successful,” Haug said.

This event is not just a long lecture; it is going to be interactive.  The morning session will be group oriented, teaching students to work as a team. At lunch, participants will listen to a panel of CAFNR alumni leaders who will discuss the advantages of college participation and give advice.  After lunch, the event will focus on more personal learning.

“Groups are just as strong as their members,” Justin Sharpless an Ag Ed GSA member said.

He stressed that not only do they want to strengthen groups, but also strengthen personal development.

The Ag Alumni Association is making this event possible because they want to turn this generation’s CAFNR students into tomorrow’s leaders in the agriculture industry.

Another contributor to this event is Bryan Garton, associate dean and director of academic programs. Garton assisted in connecting the Ag Ed GSA and the Ag Alumni Association.

The academy will be held in the Animal Science Research Center from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided at no cost.





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