CAFNR alumni show their support with annual auction

This year marks the 19th anniversary of the University of Missouri’s CAFNR Ag Unlimited Banquet and Auctions. The CAFNR Ag Unlimited Banquet is a special occasion honoring the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources’ best and brightest students.

“The goal of the banquet is to raise money for students, and it is a great way for alumni to reconnect with each other,” Dana Rogge, CAFNR Ag Unlimited chairperson said.

Dana Brown-Haynes, director of alumni relations, is one of the many people who help coordinate the banquet. Brown-Haynes has been involved with Ag Unlimited since it began in 1993. At that time, she worked in CAFNR career services, coordinating alumni activities. As a result of that position, Brown-Haynes had the opportunity to aid in organizing the first Ag Unlimited Banquet.

“I enjoy the Ag Unlimited Banquet because it gives me the opportunity to see students I have worked with over the years,” Brown-Haynes said.

Members of the MU Agriculture Alumni Association volunteer their time and efforts to help CAFNR students have a better future. This year, the Ag Alumni Association awarded 25 scholarships. Each scholarship recipient received $2,000. In total, the Ag Alumni Association provided  $50,000 in scholarships to the university.

“After finding out I received the Ag Unlimited Scholarship I was thrilled,” said CAFNR sophomore, Kaitlin Flick. Flick is a third-generation CAFNR Mizzou student. She felt honored to be selected by the MU Agriculture Alumni Association as a scholarship recipient.

“I have enjoyed attending events and getting to know the alumni who were generous to select me for this scholarship,” Flick said.

Each year the banquet has about 600 people in attendance. This includes alumni, business representatives, donors, and collegiate organizations. Ag Unlimited holds a silent and live auction to help raise scholarship money for the next year. Raffles include anything from a utility vehicle to gift cards.

“It is almost like a reunion for everyone to gather and share their feelings for a college they love,” Rogge said.

Ag Unlimited will be held Saturday, Feb. 16, at the Holiday Inn Select- Expo Center, in Columbia. The silent auction begins at 5 p.m. with dinner following at 6:30. Live auction will start later that evening at 7:30 p.m.