Bet your Friday evening on the 2013 Second Annual Pitch Tournament

Get ready to place your bids on the table! The Second Annual Pitch Tournament will be held at Elks Lodge, March 1, 2013, from 6 p.m. to midnight.

For those unfamiliar with the card game, it’s based on bids and luck of the draw. For more rules, go to the card game rules on

“We are playing 10-point pitch with four people per game,” said David Shively, MU Agricultural Economics Club vice-president of scholarship programs.

Last year the club hosted the event at the Heidelberg, but due to a large turnout they decided to move the event to Elks Lodge, which holds more people. For the upcoming tournament, students need to bring their student IDs along with $10. Alumni need to bring $20 to participate in the Second-Annual Pitch Tournament.

“All of the proceeds are going to the Jerry West Scholarship Fund,” Shively said. “This provides a lot of scholarships to the upper class students in agricultural economics (and) the club makes no money.”

The scholarship fund was set up in memory of Professor Jerry West, who worked at MU from 1958 until his unexpected death in 1993. According to a 2011 CAFNR newsletter, MU faculty members established the scholarship fund quickly after West’s untimely death.

Christian Boessen, professor of agriculture and applied economics, recalls his past teacher and adviser, West, as an extremely sharp, quiet, reserved and strict adviser.

“He cared a tremendous amount about the students,” Boessen said. “He wouldn’t let you take the easy slacker classes … He always wanted his students to be prepared for the real world.”

According to Boessen, the pitch tournament is a fun way to get out and support the college. Not only to help raise money for scholarships, but to provide other opportunities for students.

“We are marketing to students and alumni, so it’s a good way to make connections in a more relaxed atmosphere,” Boessen said.

There are cash prizes awarded to the top three teams of the evening and snacks for the group. The club encourages you to bring extra money if you would like to order food and drinks through the lodge. It is recommended to RSVP a table by emailing before coming out.

“I highly recommend that students stop by the Elk’s Lodge on the night of March 1 for a fun-filled evening of competition, entertainment, and networking with alumni,” said Andrew Perry, club president. “The 20 teams that played last year had a blast, and we hope to do nothing other than multiply the satisfaction rating of this event.”


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