Welcome break can’t come soon enough for some

For students at the University of Missouri the past 12 weeks have been filled with classes, assignments and exams. Finally, the week of Nov. 19, everyone will have a break from studying, homework and extracurricular activities. Thanksgiving Break gives everyone a chance to go home, see family or take some time to relax.

What do students plan to do with this much needed break from their studies? Freshman Ariel Smith, a nursing major from Marshall, Mo.,  views the upcoming break as a huge relief and incentive to get through a week of exams.

“I miss my family so much and the added stress of school makes me that much more homesick,” Smith said.

For seniors, the break can be bittersweet. This could be their last opportunity to take off an entire week before entering the workforce, but given heavy course loads some will use the break to study.

“I will be using this week away to catch up on all of my work,” said Morgan Ryther, a senior in speech pathology from Columbia, Mo. “I’ve had a lot going on and this extra time will definitely help.”

Work aside, Thanksgiving break is a great time for all students to get away and catch up with family and friends.

By Payton Ehrhardt
Corner Post Staff Writer