‘Pioneer Women’ jump full force into agriculture

A stimulating day was planned for the Pioneer Women’s conference. Attendees, all women who excel at their work in agriculture, gathered on Friday, Nov. 9, at the Capital West Christian Event Center in Jefferson City.

This conference was organized by Missouri Common Ground, which represents women in agriculture and promotes safe food. Women from all over Missouri attended and highlighted planting roots and growing families. The brochure previewed that the day ahead was going to be full of fun, food and inspiration and the conference lived up to all of this.

Top photo: Missouri farmers show off the latest styles during the Men in Agriculture Fashion Show.

Left: Susie Oberdahlhoff, luncheon speaker, shares her stories of life on the farm.

Pioneer Women featured a diverse number of speakers who shared their stories in the agriculture industry. The first speaker was Carolyn Miller from Sedalia, Mo. Miller took the women through a history of women’s fashion. She began her journey of vintage clothing starting with the 1900s to present day. Miller emphasized the importance of women’s apparel and how they present themselves to the public. Miller believes that the better one is dressed the more respect they will receive. Miller owns her vintage fashion store in Sedalia, Mo., and runs a fashion museum downtown there.

Susie Oberdahlhoff presented the luncheon speech. Oberdahlhoff shared her stories of being a farm wife through her speech titled, “Kids, Crops, Sows and Cows; Life Happens: Learn to Bounce.” As a hardworking farm wife, Oberdahlhoff lives by four “P’s”; proud, positive, patient, and persistent. Oberdahlhoff spoke about her roles as a farm wife and the struggles she and her family have overcome.

“You can either stop when you hit a bump or you can just bounce,” Oberdahlhoff said.

After an active day of presentations for passionate women concerned about producing a better tomorrow for agriculture, the women were treated to a Men in Agriculture Fashion Show. The fashion show highlighted farmers wearing their everyday work clothes.

Women left the conference motivated to help convey a better message for consumers. Women play an integral role in the agriculture industry and this conference helped show their significance.

Story and photos by Samantha Gibson
Corner Post Staff Writer