MU hosts symposium on food insecurity Oct. 17-19

Food insecurity is a topic of increasing importance among Americans as hunger in the United States is reaching new heights.  While censuses have been done in the past assessing homelessness or unemployment, the U.S. government cannot do a census on hunger.

“According to research, millions of people lack access to food in the U.S.,” said Sandy Rikoon, director of MU’s Interdisciplinary Center for Food Safety.

The University of Missouri will bring this issue to the forefront when they host Food Insecurity: Assessing Disparities Consequences and Policies, Oct. 17-19.  The event will focus on causes, consequences and solutions of hunger.  Topics of discussion will include food availability and affordability, government programs and effectiveness, and lack of food and economic consequences of food insecurity.

“Wednesday will be a general information session for the public,” Rikoon said.  “Thursday afternoon we will have four separate panels, and Thursday evening will be an interactive discussion about the researchers’ work.”

In addition to MU researchers, other speakers will include staff from the Universities of Connecticut, Marylhurst, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon State, South Carolina and Tufts. Individuals from the USDA, Food Research Action Center and other government agencies will also be in attendance.

“We picked 15 top researchers in the country,” Rikoon said. “The goal is that the event brings together the research community with the activist community to make our research as useful as it can be.”

Food insecurity is a growing problem in our country, and Rikoon and other researchers across the country agree it must be addressed.  Come to Stotler Lounge and listen to what the speakers have to say, and what you can do to make a difference with hunger in the U.S.

By Rachel Raines
Corner Post Staff Writer